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And We Have Lift-Off

My latest small account challenge began yesterday…

And we’re off to the races with a position in AIM Immuno Tech…


If you have 15 minutes a day, I’ll teach you how to make these returns.


That’s what makes my system so unique.

The opportunities that I seek out, occur at the same time every trading session.

You see, I am scanning for stocks that are likely to gap up and make a move the next morning.

And the best time to find those stocks… is just before the close.

This is when I run my simple 5-step system to find the very best trades and execute them… all in about 10 – 15 minutes.

Ideal if you’re busy and can’t dedicate too much time staring at the market.

Just pull out your phone at the same time each day to catch my alerts…

If you haven’t joined my latest challenge, you’ve only missed the first trade… but there are plenty more coming…  don’t miss them

Today I am going to walk you through our AIM trade.

In addition, share two stocks I’m watching that could be next on my hit list…


AIM Immuno Tech Inc. (AIM)


First trade of my latest small account challenge.

Let’s take a look at the chart below.

After a gap down, AIM went into a consolidation pattern ending in an ascending triangle. We began talking about this yesterday in chat watching for a buy if it breaks above .80 (the high of the triangle).


AIM hit my scanner for a number of reasons, a big part being the monster volume coming in as it broke out of the triangle formation.

AIM was on fire, so I had my eye on it and we jumped in at .90 coming into the end of the day (the same time I take my trades every day)…



And less than 30 minutes later AIM closed at 1.08… up 20% already.

The next thing to notice on the AIM the chart is the gap down at the end of September. With AIM now trading in the gap, we are watching for the potential of a gap fill to the 1.50 area. You can learn more about gap fills right here

Our first trade is up 20% in less than 30 minutes… trading in the gap going into the next day.

What a way to kick off the first small account challenge in 2020.

If you missed it, you’ve still got plenty of time to get in and catch the next trades. Click here to see what’s waiting for you.

And let’s see if I can get you excited about all the potential going forward… I am going to give you a few stocks we are watching in my live chat room right now.

Check out IBIO…


iBio Inc. (IBIO)


Coming out of a consolidation, IBIO made a quick shot up, after which the stock traded in a channel for the past month and half.

Yesterday we got a nice move up with a pick up in volume as well. It’s trading near the high of the range and the volume coming in is telling us that there may be some potential here.

We are watching for it to get a break above the channel high at .343 and if it does, there are some pretty clear skies up to the previous high at .57 and 200 SMA at .56.

A run-up to those levels could provide a 30 – 50% move, so this is definitely something I will have a close eye on.

If it doesn’t break out, I will be looking for it to hold above .24 and make a move back up after that. Volume is key here as well. I will be watching for that to come in strong on a breakout.


NIO Inc. (NIO)


Check out NIO (the famed Tesla of China). It just rose from the dead.

After hitting an all-time low of 1.19, NIO began it’s creep back up forming a flag pattern over the past month. And just yesterday, it broke above the flag pattern.

Volume has been coming into NIO to pull it out of the grave… and with the break out of the flag pattern, the next level of resistance will come in at 5.60 – 6 bucks. So there is some room for a double-digit return on this break.

Not to mention the long term potential if NIO truly can turn it around. That’s another story but this could be a 10 bagger if it finds its way back into the game.

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