Essential Life Skill: Taking on Challenges

We live in a high-anxiety world, and for many… being able to make money trading is often a dream — not a reality.

Why is this?

Your first thought might be to blurt out something like… trading is too hard or it’s complicated or the game is controlled by the wealthy…

But I want you to listen to another reason… a reason that I can help you with.

The reason most people dream about trading, but don’t trade has less to do with how hard it is or how little money they have, and more to do with the fact that it’s outside of our comfort zone. 

“Trading is hard, I don’t have enough money, the market is manipulated or random”

Those are excuses and when something is outside of our comfort zone, that’s exactly what many people do… make excuses… that way we don’t have to deal with the fear and anxiety of venturing out.

The excuses aren’t the real reasons you can’t, don’t, or won’t make it. Not having the will to leave your comfort zone and believe in yourself is…

We all want to stay safe in our little bubble. Why do something that is uncomfortable, when you don’t have to?

And losing money isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s downright scary.

When I talk to people that are too scared to even try trading, I’m always reminded of the saying, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

Well, when it comes to taking on a new challenge, such as trading… you fail 100% of the times you don’t try.

The key to success is growth and you can’t grow without taking on new challenges.

But to take on a challenge, you have to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears and anxieties.

Anything is possible, limitless even… yet we fail most often just by not trying. Think about all the lost potential out there in the world.

That motivates me!!

I refuse to be a case of “failing to try.”

When I started trading, I didn’t have money to lose. But I did know the market had the answer to my current money problems.


Here’s how I got out over the wall of my comfort zone


I believed I could figure it out… so I put my foot out there and tried.

You were probably expecting something more prophetic right?

Well, it’s just not that complicated. It’s all about belief.

Your thoughts can actually shape your abilities. If you look at the most successful people out there, they didn’t reach their goals with the mindset that it was impossible.

On the contrary, they actually believed they could do it from the get-go. I’m talking about the full-fledged zero doubt level of belief.

Look at Elon Musk. He is working on so many different ideas and projects… many of which sound crazy to a lot of people, but you don’t see him hesitate even a little… he jumps in.

And as they develop, they don’t look quite so crazy anymore. He actually accomplishes things most people find crazy… because he believes it’s possible. And in the end, it takes people like that to change the world.

Elon and most of the successful people in the world have what is called a growth mindset.

They don’t think something is impossible, they simply see challenges as learning opportunities.

And as we fear failure, they don’t. To them, failure is only a temporary setback. With that mindset, they won’t give up because all they see is a new hurdle to get over.

All the while they still believe/ know they will succeed.

Many people think they just aren’t good at something… whether it be trading, woodwork, swimming or any other skill for that matter.

But success isn’t black and white. You weren’t born to believe you can’t do something. You picked that up along the way.

The truth is… you can do anything.


A growth mindset creates skill development


When you believe you can do something, you will jump out and do it. And as you do, the brain gets stronger creating new connections along the way.

A growth mindset can be the difference between you making money trading or not, compared with any other random person making money or not…

I teach people to trade every day. Everyday people like myself. When I started I was an elementary school teacher. I just needed to make more money to pay off debt and make ends meet.

I wasn’t born into the market or some trust fund never have to worry about anything type of life. But I did it because I believed I could and I jumped out of my comfort zone to do it.

If I can do it, so can you… and my members prove that point every day…

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This is a very important moment in your life… you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to trade. Whatever your excuses have been… it’s time to throw them out.

This is your time to believe and act on it.

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