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Taylor Conway is a trading mentor at He looks to uncover stocks that move fast and pay fast profits - typically within 24 hours.

Taylor left behind a great career making 200K per year to trade full time. You can rely on him to give you the edge when it comes to stocks under $20.

Proven Track Record Over 4,200 Trades:

Historical Accuracy of 81%
Average Profit of $165
Average Loss of $67

These are all actual trades from Taylor Conway's personal account
from October 1st 2016 - September 30th 2017. There is no guarantee of any future performance based on past trading results.

A Small Sample Of My Winners

$1,075 in ZAIS
$3,322 in SPY
$309 in SPU
$281 in CALI
$2,046 in ADHD

$151 in CHNR
$787 in JNUG
$637 in UGAZ
$2,205 in IWM
And… $433 in NUGT

Over $198,167 Profit in 11 Months!

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