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Being Prepared Pays Off

  When asked how I’m able to stay on top year after year. Honestly, I have to give a lot of the credit to the fact that I make it a daily ...

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Why Kodak Was On My Watchlist Monday

  Two nights ago I talked about Kodak on the nightly video watchlist I sent to my Profit Prism members… Being that this is not a company ...

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[Case Study] SNSS: Overnight Gap Play

  Let’s talk about trading the gap. What’s a gap? It’s basically an area on the chart where no shares were traded. For example, on June ...

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Using Watchlists To Jump On Profits

How many times have you come into a trading day without preparing ahead of time? To be fair… I’ve done this too many times to count. That is ...

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Making Money While The Market Tanks

While I was presenting at the RagingBull Traders Summit yesterday, the market was selling off. Not just selling off… dropping like a rock.   ...

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