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Davis, can’t thank you enough for teaching Penny Stock Millionaires about options. Have been trading small caps with limited returns on average. Base hits seem to have been all that was working for me. 1-3% returns. I decided to give the options my full attention for the last month and have studied/watched all your lessons numerous times. Paper traded in the beginning with positive results. My first three real money trades with you have been for +8.14%, 8.12% and my last one was an overnight home run!!! In SPY 10/25 255 puts at .51, out the next morning @ 1.01. Almost a 100% return overnight!!!! 3 for 3 so far!! Thanks to you and ALL of the teachers @ Penny Pro!!!

Cris Mac

Almost 100% Return!*

I am very excited today and would like to take this opportunity to tell you why.  I have been running a personal trading experiment.  When I started trading in a group environment I noticed that most traders use ETradePro.  So I opened an account with them about  2 months ago so I could experiment with the technical system of ETradePro.  I put 7k in my account challenging myself to not only learn the system, but to bring my account up to 25K.  I was also challenging myself to develop my own personal trading style.  As you know if you have an account UNDER 25K you cannot have margin.  Margin is used to clear your trades faster so you have a more liquid account, or to trade stocks that you do not have money to pay for, which ETrade then charges you interest to hold said stock.  So, I was handicapping myself by not having margin and having to wait 3 days for a trade to clear.  This also forced me to slow down my trades to give myself a chance to evaluate them before I could trade again.   I think the turning point in my trading was when I joined PennyStockMillionaire.  It is a small group and it is run by Jeff who has taken a great deal of time to teach the class the basics and answers all questions in a timely way.  He also puts the lessons on a video for us to review latter.  Learning was slowed down and I got a chance to learn on a more personal level.  Plus the other moderators take took time to answer questions as well.  I like the slower pace.  I also have another account that has more than enough money in it to trade on a regular basis, therefore giving myself time to concentrate more on my ETrade trades.  Today by selling ½ of my position on NM as per Jeff’s alert I am now at $24,965.10.  Hopefully soon I will be over 25K.  I have so far gained a great deal more than money, I have gained confidence, learned to contribute to a chat room, get to know other traders and moderators, AND gave myself the time to develop my own trading style.  If you ever get the chance to try this I think you will benefit greatly from the experience.


Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for the great job you have done for me.  You are so meticulous in your teaching.  I have not been able to learn any of this anywhere else.  I really, really needed to learn Market Maker Windows (level 2).  That alone was worth the $ for your class and Millionaire service.  I am so glad I have a year with you.  So much more to learn.


Morning Jeff. Just a quick note to say thank you very much for all that you do and the service that you provide with your PennyPro site. I have been a member for about 6 months and today I had my greatest win ever in the stock market thanks to you and your service. On 7/25 I bought 2000 TBRA for $6.00. Today, Allergan made an offer to buy the company and I sold my 2000 shares for $32.50 or just over a $53,000.00 gain. I tell everyone that cares to listen, what a great site you have. Keep up the good work and best regards to you and your family.



Jeff, wanted to say thank you to all of you that help us here, my best wk in a long time.  Over $30k.  Thank you so much


Jeff, I would like to express how much I am enjoying your service & chat room. Your educational lessons & videos are top notch, self explanatory, & easy to comprehend. The combination of the lessons & live chat room situations have increased my learning curve exponentially & in less time than trying to decipher all this information on my own. It’s given me the knowledge of what is important & what is market noise & how to avoid the market noise, in other words, you keep it simple.

Thanks so much!



Jeff, I tell everyone I know about your service. A couple guys I work with will be joining soon. I’ll be a one man promotion machine. I can’t say enough about how this has changed my financial outlook. I know there will be bumps in the road, but I’m on pace to make way more than my full time job with trading. I can’t thank you enough for this service. The videos are amazing and the chat is incredible. I’m a member of TSP, as well, so I get Steve’s alerts. Amazing stuff.


Jeff FYI: I made $600 today while waiting in line for Splash Mountain at Disney World. I can access chat from the phone. Lol.


Hi Jeff, Really enjoying your site. My fist stock off your pick was euri turned my $1,800 into $6,500. My first ever trade.


Jeff, out GBSN. +$1,746. Biggest gain ever for me!


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