Yes, it happened in the blink of an eye! He hit $25k!

As family men, we love our wives and kids. As traders, we love making money. But as mentors, we LOVE helping YOU make money! That is the difference between us and the other guys, and why we dedicate as much time as we do to our students each and every day in our Traders Council 2 on 1 Mentorship service.

As you personally know Jeff recently turned $6,900 into over $25,000… then started over at $5,000 and boosted it by 100% to $10,000 in only 3 short weeks trading Stocks

We’re not sure if you’ve ever spent some time trading Options with Davis, but $25,000 in profits really doesn’t take all that long to accomplish and members know that.

A short while ago, a young man by the name of Charlie joined us with his small account and began his journey trading both Options and Stocks. We JUST came across this email!

“Thank you to Jeff and Davis!! Absolutely bar none fantastic-life changing lessons. You can see today’s (5/2/18) profit- followed by the profits from the material these professors teach us and I’ve been fortunate enough to have accumulated since 4/19 to take me over the $25K mark- it hasn’t been easy, there have been earlier struggles since February, but now I’m much more confident in my skills as a day trader because of you.

Thank you,”

~ Charlie


In just TWO WEEKS he grew that small account to over $25,000 with us!

Putting just shy of $3,000 in his pocket yesterday alone…

Words cannot describe how happy we are for Charlie and his family!

That’s right, 2 weeks to cross that magical $25,000 number applying both Stock and Options trading with your mentors, in The Traders Council!

If you’ve been on the fence about joining some other so called mentorship service, we’re glad you have been, because it is clear that The Traders Council is where you belong. You get TWO full time expert mentors with a hyperfocus on putting money in your pocket and growing YOUR account to where you want it to be!

Jeff and Davis

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